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Teston Marine Company (TMC) is a privately owned company using more than 30 years of marine, offshore, and shipping experience to provide professional ship management, ship operation, and marine consultancy services to clients across the world.

  • Crew and Technical Ship Management
  • Commercial Ship Management
  • Ship Sales and Purchase
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We provide a comprehensive range of services mainly in ship management services including technical and commercial ship management. We specialize in marine operations specially in tanker and gas carriers industry.

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Commercial Ship Management

As commercial ship brokers, we handle A to Z chartering operation for the owners including pre fixture and post fixture operation.

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Ships Sales and Purchase

Buying and selling any type of vessel including offshore, new building, second hand vessels, ocean going or even scraping vessel.

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Crew & Technical Ship Management

Offering high quality and cost-efficient ship management, vessel inspections and consultancy services to Shipowners and ...

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Commodities Trading

As a leading force in the shipping industry, our focus extends to the trading of petroleum, minerals, and chemical products.

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